Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of devices do MHT supply?

MHT supply medical devices to assist in the areas of Sleep Therapy, Ventilation, Defibrillators and Masks.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep Apnea is defined as an interruption in breathing which lasts at least 10 seconds during sleep. People affected by sleep apnea do not get restful sleep. Some consequences are daytime sleepiness with impaired mental and physical capabilities, high blood pressure, depression, cardiac arrest and stroke.
In cases of obstructive sleep apnea, the patient's upper airways collapse when the muscles of the soft palate slacken. The root of the tongue falls to the back of the throat, effectively blocking the flow of air into the narrow airways. In central sleep apnea there is a lack of nasal/oral air flow due to malfunctioning respiratory stimulus. In mixed sleep apnea, the absence of respiratory stimulus causes breathing to cease, which is followed by a collapse of the upper airways when the patient's respiratory efforts resume.

Does MHT organise training for devices?



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Can members of the public order medical supplies through MHT?


Can companies order medical supplies through MHT?


How do I order through MHT?

If you are an existing customer you can place an order online here. Otherwise, please call us on 0249 543 580 to arrange an account.